Command and Maneuver: Border War


A player wins by having friendly pieces in 3 of the 4 town squares at the beginning of that player’s turn, or by reducing the opponent’s total leader activation value below the player’s allowed activations per turn.

Order of Battle

Each player selects 6 leaders that total 24 activation points, 8 skirmishers, 10 cavalry, 10 cannon, and 20 infantry.
One leader is placed on each marked square along one side of the board. The remaining pieces are placed in 6 “circles” of 8 units each, around the 6 leaders, touching them. Leader selection and piece setup may be hidden until both sides reveal their setups simultaneously.

Activations per player turn

The original used 12 activations/player-turn. I’d like to try 16, though may (have to) cut back to 12.


This scenario has no infantry quick step, no reinforcements or replacements, and has fewer leaders to move, 6 instead of 12, so that combination with 16 activations should speed the game up considerably. The change from 48 to 54 pieces/side won’t have much slowing effect, and it will be washed away by the speed-ups. Even if the activations drop to 12/turn, the game should still be a little faster.